Dimensionality Reduction


You can recompute the embeddings directly in the browser for the current selection. Be patient, it might take a while 🤷🏽‍♂️.

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Explore 1763 papers and other events using sentence embeddings. Change the query to search for other topics (e.g. , , , , , , , ). You can also drag on the chart to filter, or shift-click to visit the paper page. Works better on desktop. Read more
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Explore the CHI 2024 papers using sentence-embeddings. Enter a query in and see the most relevant papers according to their title and abstract. In the scatterplot two papers should be closer together if they have similar contents. You can also drag on the chart to filter.

The system works by computing sentence embeddings on the papers text, then applying dimensionality reduction on the embeddings to compute the scatterplot. You can even change the dimensionality reduction and embeddings algorithm and parameters.